TestEquity DE



What credit cards are accepted?
We accept Mastercard and Visa.  

Do you accept terms?
Yes, whether you're a new or existing TestEquity Germany customer, you can place a web order using terms by choosing the invoice payment method during checkout. Our customer service team will reach out to you after the order is placed. Additionally, you're welcome to contact us if you prefer placing your terms orders over the phone.


When is my order going to ship? What is my tracking number?

What does shipping cost?
Orders under €50 will be charged €5 for shipping. Orders over €50 ship for free.

General Questions

I'm having trouble signing in/I don't know if I have an account?
Please email [email protected] or call us at + 49 ( 0 ) 8104 6675 - 0 and we can help you!

Can I send in a payment order (PO)?
Yes, you can email POs to [email protected]

Pre-Owned Test Equipment

Click here for more information or to request a quote

I can't find the used equipment I'm looking for on your site, can you help?
Yes, we have dedicated team who manage our global pre-owned test equipment inventory. Please reach out to us and we'll work together to source what you need for your project.

Can I buy pre-owned test equipment from your website?
Yes, some equipment is available to buy from our website and other equipment will require you to submit a quote request or give us a call.

Rent Test Equipment

How long can I rent equipment for?
You can rent equipment from TestEquity for any period from 1 week to as long as required.

Do you offer any warranty?
We can offer tailored warranties on all our products. For further information please speak to your sales representative.

Can I extend my rental hire?
Yes. All we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible.

Whose responsibility is it to insure the equipment?
The insurance of the equipment is your responsibility until the equipment is returned back to us.

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